Weight Loss

You’ve tried diet after diet…

… and meal plan after meal plan with the same results. Down a little, then up again.

Struggling to eat the right foods… confused about which are the right foods. So much conflicting information!

And there’s no denying that bad habits are there… like eating chips, ice cream, cookies, and other processed foods. Maybe hooked on colas or other sweetened drinks?

Yet you’re eager to get off that medication… or get ready for that operation… or look good at that class reunion or wedding.

Maybe in the back of your mind you’re also afraid…

thinking that diabetes or other such diseases are looming in your future.

Despair sets in. You’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked.

Can you ever get back to the once healthy, slim you?

Achieve your weight loss goals with hypnosis.

Setting long-term goals and acquiring new habits to achieve them can be accomplished with hypnosis.

There’s a lot of new information about weight, addiction, and the brain. Maybe it’s not your fault.

You can expect to lose weight and keep it off by working with a simple food plan, introducing new habits, and using hypnosis to reinforce them.

Is it possible to do this in one session?

It’s only been done once in my practice by a woman who went on to lose 30 pounds. But she was ready, motivated, and committed, which is essential to forming any new habit.

Most clients need several sessions to continue their weight loss journey. Individual sessions are personalized to fit you. Affordable group weight loss sessions are also offered.

Thank you, Annelle… You’ve contributed more than you realize. Losing 20 pounds has made such a difference in my knee pain. Limiting sugar and flour made it possible.

– Kathy

With the very first visit, I noticed a change in my thinking about food. I didn’t want or crave the bad food anymore.

– Linda

Let’s begin your weight loss journey today.

If you’re sick and tired of struggling with extra weight, let’s get started to develop a plan that works for you.

I’m here to support you. If you’re ready to begin, I’m ready to help.

Call me today at (610) 509-7610 for an individual appointment or group session.