Spirit Release

Most people are unaware they have a spirit attached to them.

If your life suddenly changes, or if you struggle with lifelong patterns, you may have a spirit attached to you.

Spirits, also called entities, manifest themselves in various ways. Never had a successful relationship with the opposite sex? Unreasonable fears? Annoying habits, behaviors, or a sense of unworthiness?

You may have a spirit attachment.

Spirits can attach any time.

Some people are more prone to have spirits attach, especially persons frequenting cemeteries, hospitals, or places where people die.

For many others, these energies attach during childhood. A spirit usually comes to help, but in doing so may have dumped its problem on you.

Find relief from the unwanted spirits that weigh you down.

Releasing spirits is advanced work done by a small number of hypnotists, psychiatrists, and other professionals seeing clients whose issues are unresolved using other techniques. Using a form of regression the spirit can be identified and released.

In a one-hour hypnosis session with me, as many as three spirits can be released. When clients emerge from hypnosis, they feel lighter, happier, and amazed, especially at the information they received.

A follow up session is always advised to make sure no new spirits have attached.

SRT is simply amazing! Thank you!

– Jane

I had no idea what was holding me back in my life. I was amazed how quickly she identified my issue and worked to resolve it…

– Mary Beth

Experience what it means to feel lighter.

If you think your issues might stem from a spirit attachment, I am ready to help you. Find release and relief from what’s holding you back and weighing you down.

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