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How Can I Help You?


Free Consultation

Begin your hypnosis experience with a free 15 minute phone consultation to decide whether you are a good candidate for hypnosis. I will answer your questions and provide you with an overview, costs, etc. You can then decide if hypnosis will help your issue. Most issues require 1-3 sessions, but it is always up to you how many sessions you would like.


Individual Sessions

Sessions are an hour. Your concerns are listened to carefully, and in addition to hypnosis, the sessions may include making lists, doing NLP, learning EFT, practicing self-hypnosis, etc. The session always focuses on you.

Spiritual Hypnosis

I am now certified to offer Spirit Release. This can be a life-changing experience when negative energies are released. Many people have spirits attached and feel a great sense of freedom when spirits are gone. Go to the Energy Clearing page for more information.


Become a Hypnotist

I am certified to teach the 100 hour course offered through the National Guild of Hypnotists. After just two or three classes you are practicing your skills in hypnotizing fellow students and selected volunteers. Upon completion of this hands-on interactive course, you will possess an NGH Certificate as a Consulting Hypnotist. With my support, you are ready to open your own practice. See the Certification page for further details.

Reduce Anxiety

Learn to relax and handle daily life.

Release Fears

Let go of being afraid.

Pet Communication

Release your sadness, guilt, or pain from the loss of a pet by entering into a hypnotic trance. You can communicate with your pet and ask questions that you’ve wondered about, such as your pet’s new life in heaven.

Past Lives

Past Lives

When you experience a past life, you may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Going back to memories of another time and place may provide clues and meaning for your present life. A past life may also help you solve an issue on the physical, mental, or emotional plane.

Spirit Release

I am certified to clear negative energies affecting your life. Go to the Spirit Release page for more information.

Weight Control

Programs for individual sessions are available. Group sessions are offered throughout the year. Check the events page for times and dates.

What My Clients are Saying

“I spent 25 years in talk therapy in an effort to feel better but nothing ever really improved. After a few hypnosis sessions with Dr. Soponis I experienced a profound change in my attitude. We released old patterns that impeded my ability to enjoy life. I now experience love and joy. I find hypnosis to be a powerful and effective tool to change any area of your life.”


“Thank you for being so kind and understanding with my teenage daughter.”


“Through Dr. Soponis’ teaching and guidance I have learned to have a healthier relationship with food.”


“With the very first visit I noticed a change in my thinking about food. I didn’t want or crave the bad food any more.”


“The flight went well. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt.”


“The program helps my pain.”


“SRT is simply amazing! Thank you!”


“As a hypnotist, Annelle does not cease to astound.”


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