Is this the right time for you to experience a Reiki session? Reiki is an excellent way for you to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and facilitate healing. A combined word of Japanese origin, Rei (pronounced ray) means spiritual consciousness, and ki (pronounced key) means life energy as in chi and prana. Reiki (ray key) can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy. Because it is spiritually guided, Reiki guides itself rather than getting guidance from the practitioner. The practitioner essentially becomes a conduit for the energy. Three levels of practitioners practice Reiki. Level Ones practice physical self-healing. Level Twos practice emotional, mental, and long-distance healing. Level Threes are called Masters (Teachers) and practice spiritual healing as well as teach Reiki to others. Reiki is not a religion, a cult, or a massage technique. Sessions are usually performed on a massage table, fully-clothed, and practitioners may place their hands on your body (with permission) or position their hands above your body. Of course Reiki can be given to people situated in any position, including patients lying in hospital beds or sitting in wheel chairs. So how does Reiki work? As with any energy system, it’s assumed that if your energy is disrupted or affected negatively in any way– through lifestyle, medication, thoughts, etc.– then imbalances and possibly disease will manifest in your body. Reiki balances your energy to promote healing. Practitioners work with the chakra system as well as with other energies such as color and sound. How do you become a practitioner? Reiki is taught by a Reiki Master who passes the ability to balance energy through a process known as an attunement. An attunement can be a powerful experience and opens the heart, palm, and crown chakras. Anyone can learn Reiki. Anyone can benefit from receiving Reiki. Reiki can never do harm. To learn more, check out or read books by William Lee Rand, Diane Stein, and others. To experience Reiki, join me and other practitioners at Reiki Share First Sundays listed in events.

Annelle Soponis

Annelle Soponis is a Reiki Master and has been personally involved with alternative and complementary techniques to achieve health and wellbeing since the 1990s. Utilizing a combination of her experience, knowledge, and intuition, Annelle uses hypnotic techniques to help her clients achieve success in personal growth and transformation.