Past Lives

Have you noticed an attraction to certain cultures in your life?

Victoriana? Egyptian?

Do certain countries call to you? Or old buildings, clothing, houses?

There may be a hidden reason for this attraction. You may have lived in another time and place.


The idea that you lived before in earlier times is espoused in certain religions like Buddhism.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, exploring a past life opens new information for you in this life.

It can help you understand emotional issues like fears and troublesome relationships. Past life exploration can even explain physical issues like birthmarks, scars, left-sided weakness, operations, and more.

Let me be your guide.

Past lives are just memories.

Hypnotizing you to be a voyeur, you can watch your past life like you might watch a movie. I guide you to as many as three past lives in a single session.

It’s hard to explain the feelings experienced in a past life session until you’ve had one. And multiple sessions have been used to write books like the classic Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.

As a hypnotist, Annelle does not cease to astound.

– Danny

Are you ready to embrace the different lives that you’ve lived?

Whether you’re simply curious and want to explore another life or just eager to resolve an ongoing issue in this life, I am ready to work with you. Call me today at (610) 509-7610.