January is over, so how are your resolutions working?

A New Year heralds a new beginning, and brings an exciting time to set goals and resolutions. But do your goals reflect reality or fantasy?

Goal setting is most often done based on outcomes. For example, I want to lose ten pounds. I want to go to the gym three times a week. I want to quit smoking. Outcomes. But to achieve goals and resolutions, there’s more to it. Process is very important. So pick a weight loss diet to lose those ten pounds. Work to adjust your schedule so you can fit in three visits to the gym each week. Enroll in a stop smoking program. Or chose a hypnosis consultation for any of these!

Yet deep in the success of achieving your goal is your identity or self-image. Who you imagine yourself to be keeps you on target. Perhaps eating pizza, chips, or chocolate whenever you like is more important to you than losing ten pounds. Maybe you want to use your spare time for something other than going to the gym. Perhaps you smoke to avoid eating things like desserts, and secretly you’re afraid that you will gain weight if you give up smoking.

Does any of this sound familiar? Meet your saboteur – that part of you that blocks you and keeps you from accomplishing your goals and resolutions. How do you quiet your saboteur? There are many techniques, and hypnosis is one that works quickly. But perhaps in the end it’s all about establishing habits.

An interesting read is Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones by James Clear.

Whatever your resolution is or was, ask yourself if you truly identify with this goal. Even a small change can enhance your inner identity. I wish you success with your journey, and many happy moments in the New Year.