Individual Hypnotherapy

That goal you’re trying to achieve…

That one fear you want to overcome…

That behavior pattern you just can’t kick that keeps you stuck…

The self-help books, motivational tapes, the hoping and wishing that something will happen to make what troubles you just disappear… they aren’t working.

Defeat, unhappiness, and hopelessness are your constant companions.

I know I’m qualified for this new position.” – but just like all the other positions that came along, you don’t make your move.

“I want to travel. But the thought of flying terrifies me.” – for years, you’ve promised yourself that dream vacation to a faraway destination. But you’ve stayed grounded all this time.

“The last diet I tried was a bust. But this new one, I know it’ll do the trick!” – and so you try diet after diet, but nothing’s worked.

Isn’t it time you try something new to get the results you want out of life?

It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of “Maybe next time will be better.” or “Maybe the next one will work.”

But with each “next,” there’s still the same doubt, fear, and lack of success.

If what you’ve tried in the past isn’t working, maybe it’s time to see what hypnotherapy can do for you.

Are you ready to start and become a happier you?

Discover why you act the way you act. You feel these things for a reason… find out why.

Hypnotherapy provides a way for you to learn how your subconscious beliefs shape your life. I’ll help you unlock the door to those thoughts, feelings, and habits that keep you stuck.

All it takes is a phone call for our 15-minute free consultation.

The session is all about you. You are in control. No one has ever got stuck in hypnosis. And you’ve been hypnotized many times – just not professionally – but by movies, speakers, and highways.

Habits are built through repetition, and hypnosis is the fastest way to achieve that repetition.

I’ll answer any additional questions you may have about hypnosis and what I do. I’ll listen to your concerns and what you would like to accomplish and how I can help.

The first appointment.

Maybe you only need one session of 90 minutes. With your permission, we can proceed directly into hypnosis for your issue.

Most of my work is done in light stage hypnosis which is like daydreaming. You are aware of what’s happening and in control at all times. You may even speak as well as move in the session, but many clients are so comfortable they sink into a deep relaxation. Clients say they feel great after the session.

Habits need more than one session.

For persistent habits, 2-3 sessions may be needed.

Weight didn’t come on in a short time, so weight needs to come off in a longer time. My weight loss clients find it beneficial to spread their sessions to once a month until they reach their goals.

Developing new habits takes repetition and is accomplished with repetition over time.

Fears take 2-3 sessions.

So, you’re afraid of heights or spiders? Where did that fear come from?

You think you know, but often the answer is buried in your subconscious mind. Going back to that time of the original fear might be scary, so during hypnosis you view it from a safe place.

Using the knowledge you now have, the fear is released. If others are involved in creating the fear, they are forgiven. And all is well.

I’m ready to help.

Reach out today and call me at (610) 509-7610.

You’ve thought about hypnosis before. Now it’s time to take action!