Have you ever been at the right place at the right time? If so, then you’ve experienced synchronicity.

Perhaps you walked into a job interview only to be hired immediately to fill a newly vacated position. Or you decided not to take a planned trip and discover later that it saved you from bad weather or traffic accidents. Maybe you were thinking of an old friend and the phone rings and it’s him. You drive late to an appointment and find the perfect parking space. These are some of the many examples that occur in our daily lives that we attribute to luck, chance, or coincidence. But is it really that or something deeper?

I recently attended a workshop by Dale E. Graff, physicist, dream worker and former director of the government‘s remote viewing program Stargate. Graff teaches that synchronistic events may open pathways to deeper, transpersonal aspects of ourselves and the universe. We need only pay attention to these events when they happen. In addition to Graff’s published works ,such as his 1998 book Tracks In The Psychic Wilderness: An Exploration of ESP, Remote Viewing, Precognitive Dreaming and Synchronicity, major references include Bernard Beitman’s 2016 book, Connecting With Coincidences, and LaVonne Harper Stiffler’s fascinating account in her 1992 book Synchronicity and Reunion—The Genetic Connection of Adoptees and Birthparents.

Graff teaches that the synchronistic state shifts our perspective beyond ego focus and invokes a sense of higher purpose, part of a larger whole. We can enhance this state through many means, including hypnosis, meditation, and dream work. This synchronistic state provides help in times of need when no other means are available. It’s as though answers come to us from the universe. For example, my clients often find me in unusual ways. Perhaps cleaning out the garage and seeing an old ad of mine in the recycled papers. Meeting me unexpectedly when in search of an answer or healing. And it’s no accident that I chose to write about this topic this month, or that I was called to attend Graff’s workshop. It’s just another example of synchronicity in action.

Annelle Soponis

Annelle Soponis is a Reiki Master and has been personally involved with alternative and complementary techniques to achieve health and wellbeing since the 1990s. Utilizing a combination of her experience, knowledge, and intuition, Annelle uses hypnotic techniques to help her clients achieve success in personal growth and transformation.