T’is the season of gifts and giving. Are you finished shopping and relaxed? Or are you still shopping and stressed?

So who’s on your gift list… There are those organizations that keep calling and sending solicitations in the mail. Perhaps it’s a school that you once attended (although it’s now many years ago). Or a worthy cause that you supported one time to help a friend or neighbor. Or a national health group that sends to everyone. Whichever, you’re probably monitoring your emails and phone calls, and sorting the mail near the recycling bin.

Then there’s family. Children are the easiest to buy for because they know what they want and are happy to make their requests known. Older seniors may be the most difficult for any number of reasons. And finding the “perfect” gifts for everyone on your list may seem like climbing Mt. Everest!

So let’s reflect on the wisdom in the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi: “ It is in giving that we receive.” Think about this. Do you feel happier receiving that scarf or tie, or seeing the smile on someone’s face when your gift is opened? Years ago a hurricane damaged Miami and left many residents homeless and some with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). An organization for healing touch came to assist and taught the victims to give massages to each other. Responses were documented with surprising results: the people giving the massages were helped more than those receiving the massages.

When I hypnotize a client, I feel like I’m giving them gifts… freedom from whatever was bothering them, knowledge about what’s happening now, and courage to handle whatever is coming.

So this holiday season give from the heart, knowing that it’s good for you (as well as for the recipient) because it is in giving that we receive.