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Is it Time to Switch to a Plant-based Diet?

  Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to live longer? Are you concerned about your food and the environment? The Food Revolution Summit 2019 has just ended with an amazing amount of scientific information about how eating a plant-based diet is best for your...

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Have You Ever Experienced Synchronicity?

Have you ever been at the right place at the right time? If so, then you’ve experienced synchronicity. Perhaps you walked into a job interview only to be hired immediately to fill a newly vacated position. Or you decided not to take a planned trip and discover later...

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New Year, New Resolutions…Really?

January is over, so how are your resolutions working? A New Year heralds a new beginning, and brings an exciting time to set goals and resolutions. But do your goals reflect reality or fantasy? Goal setting is most often done based on outcomes. For example, I want to...

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Gifts and Giving

T’is the season of gifts and giving. Are you finished shopping and relaxed? Or are you still shopping and stressed? So who’s on your gift list... There are those organizations that keep calling and sending solicitations in the mail. Perhaps it’s a school that you once...

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The Great American Smokeout

NEWS FLASH! The Great American Smokeout is coming up. Yes, every third Thursday in November the American Cancer Society puts on this national event. This year that date is November 15, 2018. I used to smoke 1-2 packs a day. Why? Everyone’s story is different. I was...

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Every autumn nature shows signs of change. Leaves turn color and fall. Crickets stop chirping and disappear. Birds sense coolness and fly away. These are just some examples of changes as the earth prepares for winter. And as we notice changes in nature, we may also...

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The Faces of Hypnotism

There are many faces of hypnotism. I wonder which face you see. Is it the entertainer, working with large audiences, choosing participants who are willing to have an adventure? Or is it the practitioner, like me, who helps everyday people with everyday issues?...

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