Anxiety Relief

Worry can be caused by so many things in our busy, complicated lives.

Loss of a spouse and the prospect of living alone…

Missing the promotion that you know you deserve…

Physical issues that seem to get progressively worse…

Struggles with family members interfering with your life…

Wondering if you’ll ever meet that special someone…

Worrying about the future and dwelling on the past, anxiety can seemingly go forever without relief.

Worry often makes our world smaller.

Staying at home so others can’t see how ragged you look after the loss?

Avoiding vacations because flying is too scary?

Ignoring invitations from family and friends, because there’s too much to do. Sleeping to escape intrusive thoughts?

Missing appointments because of tiredness.

Wondering when all this worry will end… but just knowing it won’t.

Anxiety has a profound effect in how we live (or don’t live!). The constant worry affects all areas of our life… our work, our home, our families.

Find relief from your anxiety.

Together, we’ll use a variety of anti-anxiety techniques to help you relax in the moment of a job interview, a licensing exam, a sales talk, a sports tournament, or other highly intense or stressful situations.

In the first session, you’ll learn how to breathe properly, tap on acupressure points, and calm the mind in minutes.

Next, we make a list of suggestions for your subconscious mind, because hypnosis can reprogram worry into calm. Repetition is the key, so your homework is to play the recording of the session.

Often progress is made in this one session. Should you choose to understand how a worrisome issue has always been there and continues to persist, other techniques like age regression, forgiveness work, and spirit release can provide answers in as few as 1-2 sessions.

Hypnosis works fast.

The flight went well. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt.

– Tom

I spent 25 years in talk therapy in an effort to feel better, but nothing ever really improved. After a few hypnosis sessions with Dr. Soponis, I experienced a profound change in my attitude. I now experience love and joy.

– Nancy

Don’t let anxiety rule your life.

If you are ready to experience more peace and calm in your life, call me at (610) 509-7610.

It’s easier than you think!