Angel Hypnotherapy for Children

Is your child exhibiting a troubling behavior?

It’s been on your mind for some time.

Problems at home and school – it’s affecting the family. Doctors, therapists, and other professionals have tried to help, but nothing has made it better.

Could hypnosis be the answer?

All it takes is a photo.

Spare your child from seeing another professional. No office visit required.

This new technique works by using a recent full-length photograph of your child. Working with a consultant, I get answers that can help you with your child’s issue.

Hypnosis is used to access information from your child’s angel.

An angel?


Children have angels that are looking out for them, and they happily send messages to help them.

Messages include comments about the child’s health and happiness, and anything going on that upsets these.

Parents have asked us questions that concern them, and the angels are very generous and loving with their answers.

What kind of answers can I expect to get?

There’s no way to know. Issues can be emotional, environmental, genetic, or even something wrong with the body.

Misdiagnosis. Wrong medication. There’s no end to the kinds of answers since each child is unique.

Thank you so much for everything. The info you provided will certainly help get
my son on the right track.

– Angie

Can this technique be used for adults?

Yes. Although this technique was developed to help children, it works equally well for adults.

Take the next step.

Call me at (610) 509-7610 for a free consultation.

We’ll develop a list of questions you would like answered. Then you text or email the photograph of your child to me. Within a week, I’ll call you to discuss my report.